The secret ingredient is always happiness.

The secret ingredient is always happiness.

Jul 03 , 2020

Another solution that could work for you is to create a shop front experience on one Shopify store. This means you are only paying for one plan but you can create the illusion of multiple stores. Amazon for example does this very well with their vendors.

Now, you may be doing this just for yourself or you may be wanting to create a vendor marketplace. If its the first, i.e you just want multiple shop fronts for your own products then you are good to go. You can install an App like Shogun or Gem Pages and build out multiple Shop front templates. Then just setup navigation to link to each of them.

If you want to offer a vendor style marketplace, you need to be careful as Shopify allows certain types of vendor reselling but not other types. Webkul have a vendor marketplace plugin here.

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